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Disrupting the liquid biopsy industry with new revolutionary technologies.

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Established in 2022, our exceptional team of research specialists has dedicatedly positioned EVIIVE at the pinnacle of the BioMed Tech sector.


We are pioneering a cutting-edge platform for liquid biopsy biomarker discovery, along with assay kits tailored for individualized treatment recommendations and disease tracking. Our groundbreaking technology aims to elevate personalized diagnostic solutions.


Our commitment remains unwavering in setting the gold standard in technology, offering comprehensive insights that not only gain industry leader endorsement but also their reliance.

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Meet our team of experts at EVIIVE, where we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of biotechnology. 


We have developed IMPASS  (Immune-Pathogenesis Surveillance System), a novel and proprietary technological platform to help industry-leading companies and individuals achieve greater diagnostic and prognostic power.


IMPASS is a triple-locked (IP) platform combining new revolutionary liquid biopsy analyses, advanced machine learning, and novel biomarker discovery.


IMPASS has a wide range of features that were created to help personalize patient care in a quick and effective manner. In order to empower our patients to live healthier and longer.


EVIIVE is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes. 

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EVIIVE pipeline


Making Headlines


EVIIVE enters strategic partnership with Ymmunobio to develop NPTXR companion diagnostic assay

EVIIVE is the champion of >>venture>> competition 2024 in the health & nutrition vertical.

EVIIVE wins W.A. De Vigier competition. 2024. EVIIVE is selected as one of the TOP10 startups of 2024

EVIIVE joins Venture Leaders in Boston. 2024 We provide a novel platform that significantly enhances the sensitivity and specificity of biomarker identification and allows healthcare professionals to diagnose conditions at an early stage, facilitating timely and personalized treatment options. We are committed to improving patient outcomes by bridging critical gaps in current diagnostic biomarkers. Our approach holds the potential to transform therapeutic strategies across a spectrum of diseases. With a focus on innovation and a strong IP strategy, we aim to lead the market in delivering robust and data-driven solutions for biomarker discovery.

EVIIVE team contribute to the MiSEV publication. 2024.

EVIIVE team publish their B cell EV study. 2024.


EVIIVE secures BRIDGE-SNSF funding. 2023 Eviive is granted a generous fund to further develop extracellular vesicles as a platform to detect immune system defects and accelerate our market entry.

EVIIVE team publish comparative EV study. 2023

EVIIVE team publish melanoma organoid study. 2023


EVIIVE wins VENTURE KICK funding. 2022 Startups developing a low-cost breathe ventilator, 300x faster qubits, a minimally invasive diagnostic for sepsis, sustainable real estate investment, sustainable food based on fungi and fermantation each win Venture Kick funds.

EVIIVE wins MEDTECH fellowship. 2022 EVIIVE wins the UZH-BIOMEDTECH fellowship supported by the WSS foundation. And EVIIVE is offered lab space at IREM-Schlieren supported by the WYSS foundation.

New methodology changing diagnostics. 2022 Our proof of concept approach to use extracellular vesicles to detect SARS-CoV-2 infection, immune response status, and immune system effects. News Link.

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Winterthurerstrasse 190, Irchel Y23K74, Zurich 8057, CH

+41 446353710

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